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Presenting a lovely Adult TV Novel by Annie Warren, called Corporate Image, revised, re-illustrated and expanded into two parts. It tells about a young man, L. Robert Luvie, who designs a bra that is so wonderful that it can give any woman a nearly B bustline. You would think that such an invention would put him on to the road to riches. That is what he thought when the Board of Directors of the lingerie house Cressent Laces offered to hire him to be their new chief designer so that they could use his talents and patents.

Join us in a world of high fashion dominated by women who are determined to transform our designer into the sex object cover girl model fitting the Corporate Image of their industry.

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    “Uh, Lynn, I have a slight problem."

    ”You do? I thought you knew everything? You certainly are helping us to be better than we ever thought we could have been. Thanks."

    “Well, that is just experience. The problem is that you are not wearing your bra.”

    “What?” I protested in disbelieving surprise, wondering if she was somehow trying to be funny. “What do you mean by that crack?

    “On the package is your picture. I checked. It is you. And the package contains a statement to the effect that you are the designer and wearer of this type of bra. But, I can see that, in fact, you are not wearing one," Vi observed in matter-of-fact tones without any facial expression to indicate that she was making fun at my expense.

    “But I don’t need one," I countered in wonder, trying to understand her. “Why on earth should I wear one?

    “For one, there is the truth in advertising statute. You say you wear one to the whole world in advertising, and so you must." The must sounded like an order.

    “But I never said that. That was Samantha’s advertising copy, as recommended by our advertising consultants,” I explained in growing anxiety over the fact that she seemed very serious. “I have work to do, and if you are done with your little joke...?”

    “But, you went along with it, Lynn. Even had your picture put on the package. With you clearly wearing your bra. You even signed the ad for authenticity.“

    “Now, let me get back to work. I don’t need a bra. Never have, never will.” I tried to put an edge to my voice to indicate that she had bothered me enough.

    “I wouldn’t be so sure of that, Lynn. The second point is that in your contract it states that you are to hold and maintain the “Corporate Image” for the product line you design.

    “To put it simply, either you wear the bra and related products you designed, constantly, or you will be in court for false advertising and breach of contract. Under the breach of contract clause in your contract you can be forced to surrender all patentsand face loss of job, and so forth.