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Reluctant Press Cover

Do you believe in demonic powers and that a house can be haunted by an evil spirit that can cause an entire family to act in ways that they would never have dreamed of? Do you believe that such a power can cause a mother and her new partner to set about to transform her son into a girl, one who is programmed to desire to satisfy every male she encounters?

Even if you're not inclined toward such beliefs, this story might make you see differently as you read about the transformation of a young man named Shelly into a sexy teenage seductress who cannot resist the powerful urges her new body exerts on her.

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    From his mental cell, the male Shelly looked out in horror at what had been done to him. The deep programming was affecting him and he could feel himself grow smaller and smaller. Soon he was just a nagging voice in Shelly’s mind. Shelly smiled at herself and couldn’t wait to see her friends waiting in the mall. Looking out the window, she saw Anna and Marie  waiting for her.

    Reunited with her friends, she was the happiest girl in the world and to have such good friends made it even better.

    Anna and Marie watched as she walked out of the beauty shop. “You look fantastic, girl. Looks like we are going to have to get you something sexy.

    Shelly went shopping again, this time adding nightgowns, bathing suits, to her already extensive collection of underwear, foundation garments, dresses, tops, and shorts.

    Shelly still did not know how much he had changed. All he knew was that he loved dressing up and putting on his makeup.