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Reluctant Press Cover

The forced transformation of a young man, the inventor of a revolutionary bra, continues in service to corporate marketing and perhaps a little female domination. Continued from Part 1.

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    I put on socks and shoes. Still everything I saw, except for the nails, shaped brows and long lashes, spelled Bob. At least I wanted to see that. Oh, how I wanted to look like Bob again!

    It felt good, comfortable. So, feeling good, home. As I packed my new lingerie away, I could not help but notice this Bob like character in the mirror, only his head looked like a woman’s and his nails were painted and long.

    When all was put away, I contemplated that image.

    Much as I would like to be Bob, the true image said that Bob wasn’t all there. There was one heck of a lot of Lynn there too. When I reached up to turn and play with the studs, there was even more. My hair was slowly drying and was curling in the process. Even when wet it had shown some curl, now it was pulling up in a very rough semblance of what Lynn had looked like.

    But! It was not Lynn. I would not give in.

    Here at home, at least, I was going to be Bob, for as long as I could help it! Looking as I did, I could not go out into public.

    Vi would have her due. I’d have to wear at least a bra, just to go shopping, as I had up to now; to fit the head image. If Vi caught me? Well, this was not office. Or did she want to extend the image?

    I did say always or did I? Such a question! I’d have to find out one of these days, BUT NOT TONIGHT.