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Reluctant Press Cover

Our protagonist is a young man who is at a crossroads. Uncertainly of his future, he takes a job at his wife's mother's company. That business turns out to be a publisher of books about transgender matters, a subject he knows virtually nothing about. The company's biggest distributor runs weekly drag parties at his house. Our protagonist's wife suggests that he attend one of the parties in drag. Reluctantly, he agrees, wanting to keep their biggest customer happy.
That seemingly small decision turns out to be a turning point for our boy. He soon starts to realize that his wife and her mother have plans to turn him into a very presentable pseudo-woman.

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    As a final touch, Vickie took out a small perfume atomizer and sprayed me lightly. She left for a few minutes and then returned. “My, my, I do think that Obsession is the real you, Sweetie. It’ll drive the men wild...”

    I really didn’t want to hear that. It was bad enough to be dressed this way but to think that a man might... I dreaded seeing anyone that I knew. I was glad that the drag party would be over tomorrow night. I didn’t intend to ever go through this again!

    “Now, Sweetie, it’s off to work for you,” she announced, handing me a black leather suit coat for my tight leather pants, causing my heart to race with the realization of what she was saying. “I want to pick up a few things before I can come to visit you at work.Once there, I’ll have a few things to do on the office typewriter before I go back to work. So do be a good little girl and I’ll be with you soon enough.”

    Seeing no choice in the matter, I fetched my little purse and managed as well as I could in my heels to get to my car while avoiding any chance meeting with any of our neighbors. In sheer terror, I managed to slip into my car seat with ball crushing results! Almost in tears, I shifted in the seat so that the numbing pain would go away as I drove off to work thinking that every driver was staring at the man in women’s clothing!