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Reluctant Press Cover

When Victor Collins receives a panicked phone call from his partner, Johathan Price, to meet him right away at a local restaurant he can hardly turn him down despite his scheduled lunch date with his fiancé. Once he arrives, Jonathan tells him a story of runaway gambling debts and of men who want to kill him over them. As they keep talking, a man bursts into the establishment and shoots Victor’s partner. The killer throws his gun at Victor who catches it by reflex at which point a frightened waitress now identifies him as the killer! When Victor exits the restaurant he decides to go to a good, old friend, a member of the FBI, for help. It is explained to him that unraveling this case will take some time and Victor will have to have a new identity while they proceed.
Little does Victor know, but he is about to be Framed into Skirts.

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    “If we follow our regular procedure for the relocation of witnesses, it would take much longer than that. You see, creating a new personality implies manufacturing a believable personal and family history, a working background, a lot of legal documents; such as, birth certificate, drivers license, passport, social security number, IRS returns and so on. Sometimes it is even necessary to make some physical  changes.

    “Because of all of this preparation it takes from four to eight months to do an acceptable job, and create a foolproof identity. But, we cannot do that in your case.”

    Vic’s face was again covered by a mask of disappointment,  but it rapidly changed when Dick said: “Luckily we have an identity already built up with all the necessary documents and details. Even more than the maximum required. In fact, it is the best job we have done of creating a new personality. It is a masterpiece and it is immediately available.”

    Vic was now enthusiastic. “What are we waiting for? Let’s start me on this new road.”

    “Wait a minute,” Dick cautioned, “it’s not that easy. Before you start working, I want you to be fully aware of what this change of identity is, and why I am helping you."