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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Crime scene cleaning may be a decent paying job yet it's very unpleasant, but one needs to pay the bills. One friend, Oliver, quits the company to take a mystery job. Later, Oliver admits he has taken a job at another cleaning company, a very special one. Oliver and the other male employees there dress as women for a small, select group of clients who have "special" tastes. The job turns out to be much better than expected and the concerns about the lifestyle required for it recede into the past.

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    "So would you like an introduction to the drag cleaning company?" Olivia asked after she called an Uber to take her home the next morning.

    "If I get a job, would I have to be like you?"

    "If you’re asking if you have to dress up, then the answer is in the name," she replied. "It’s not so bad. The pay’s good, the tips and rewards are better, and you could get to like it."

    "I’m not sure," I replied hesitantly. "I like the idea of more money obviously, but the rest…"

    "I may have taken to it more than most," Olivia laughed. "Usually I only show this side of me to my clients but I thought you needed cheering up."

    "You only show this to your clients?" I didn’t finish what was obviously a question.

    "If you’re asking if I have sex with them, then yes; sometimes I do and they reward me well."