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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Things continue from part one at a more frantic pace as our unnamed protagonist continues along the path to enforced womanhood. It's not that he is completely against the idea but things are moving far quicker than he ever anticipated, at the encouragement of his increasingly masculine wife, her lesbian mother and his feminine-leaning co-workers. The more sexy and feminine he becomes, the more it seems like a good idea to be that way.

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    Over lunch, Jackie was full of questions about my lactation. Even to the point of insisting that I show off my breasts to the other girls!

    Seeing Vick’s frown of disapproval over my reluctance to obey her mother, I silently unbuttoned the shirtwaist blouse, hoping that all I would have to display would be the nursing bra.

    Jackie in her delight, however, quickly removed my bra!

    “Oh, my, they are big,” Francis exclaimed in stunned awe as Bobby actually ran her hand over my breasts and suggested that Francis do the same.

    As Francis examined me with nervous uncertainty, Bobby suggested, “Maybe we could give you a pair of jugs, Francis?"