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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Bernard has gone out in the world at last and ends up as a piano player in a restaurant, living in a cheap apartment favored by "queens". He, himself, is not a stranger to crossdressing when younger, but more for a novelty. He is made to dress in a more feminine manner for the sake of the entertainment, which he haltingly accepts.

Into the picture comes Mr. Lopez, a shadowy figure who has a lot of power in the community and very specific taste in women. Mr. Lopez sees some "potential" in Bernard and takes control of the direction the young man's life will be heading in. Like it or not, Bernard is on an unavoidable path to womanhood. As time passes and the changes in his body become more obvious, he begins to decide that a life in dresses, bras, and panties might not be all bad.

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    Mr. Lopez was alone when I was ushered into his private office. He faced that view over the coast but my chair had its back to all that.

    ‘‘I want you and your girlfriend to play, she probably told you that.’’ He lit a cigar. ‘‘Did she tell you the rest?’’

    ‘‘Nothing else,’’ I said. ‘‘What else?’’

    ‘‘I want you to be identically dressed, like my girls,’’ he said. ‘‘I want you to be the same as her.’’

    ‘‘I don’t think I want to do that.’’

    ‘‘You want to keep playing your piano, don’t you?’’

    ‘‘Of course.’’

    ‘‘You’re a great piano player.’’

    ‘‘It’s very kind of you to say that.’’

    ‘‘If your hands were accidentally damaged, you wouldn’t be able to play.’’ He smiled. ‘‘And, sadly, if you don’t want to do the things I’m asking, I couldn’t be sure that you could be protected from an accident.’’

    ‘‘Is that a threat?’’

    ‘‘Of course not.’’ He puffed away on the cigar. ‘‘It’s an opportunity I’m offering you; a great opportunity. All you have to do it show me that you want to take

    advantage of my offer.’’

    ‘‘I think I understand,’’ I replied, feeling more than a little fear of this man so polite and yet so evil.

    ‘‘I wouldn’t want you to have an accident.’’ He leered as if to emphasis his point.

    ‘‘I’m sure…’’ I couldn’t finish the sentence; I was really afraid.

    ‘‘I’ll be arranging a few appointments for you,’’ he said. ‘‘I’m sure you’ll enjoy it all. Make sure you go to them all and do whatever they tell you.’’