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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

A New Woman classic.

DeAngelo was a perfect soldier, serving Don Franco as an enforcer. Little did he realize that the haughty woman that he raped one night would turn out to be his boss's niece! No matter, how good a soldier DeAngelo was, it was up to Don Franco to pass judgment upon him, because family comes first.

But, as the injured party, it was up to the Don's niece to choose her own unique sadistic form of revenge, that would one day visit the Sins of The Father, upon his son as well. When the Don announced that DeAngelo would live, he knew that if a similar fate awaited him, he would rather die...

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    The mists in DeAngelo’s mind slowly sifted away into the stark antiseptic white glare of the world about him, he knew that the drugs were wearing off....

    Struggling to rise, he realized his arms and legs were tightly restrained. He was stark naked! He could feel the hard, rubber like surface of a medical examination couch underneath his body, and that he was somehow half seated with the back of the couch raised. His hands were secured by straps at the wrist to some sort of metal rail at each side of the couch. For some reason his knees were pushed upwards and wide apart with his feet strapped into metal stirrups bolted into the top of an upright three foot high steel rod placed at either side of the couch just aboutat his waistline. The other end of the couch had also been cranked up so that his eyes could not fail to see his completely exposed loins.

    With only enough strength available to keep his eyes open from the returning mists, he looked down at his body. He could imagine the rich brown forest of thick curly hair surrounding a heavy full scrotum with its two plum like testicles awaiting the demands of his eight inch long flaccid cock as it swelled fort eagerly to reveal its gleaming smooth red dome to become a massive battering ram of male power!

    But, in disbelief he saw instead a childishly hairless groin with a wrinkled pink hose barely two inches long, with a circumcised little tip barely larger than a thimble, resting like a limp worm on an otherwise smooth sexless surface!