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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Two classic shorts together...
Gary Dawn rode into the Apache camp of Howling Wolf to rescue a famous actress, Edwyth “Edie” Hariette Simmons, of the well-known entertainment troupe, Edwyth, Jean and Hariette. But there is always more to these stories, isn’t there and “Edie” is not exactly what she seems to be. Thus begins the melodrama, Always A Lady.
Kenny Daugh, foreman of the Bar Lazy K, had no desire to ride herd on the boss' grandson, Dana, to teach him how to be a cowboy. Little did he know that Dana was really Diana, The Huntress, out to rope in a husband!

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    “What do you think, my Darling?” she trilled softly.

    “I... I... you look real, Dana..,” I managed at last.

    She nodded. “I am real...but add an `I’ to `Dana,’ my Darling Ken!” the girl laughed. “It’s Diana... The Huntress... My Dear man... and you are certainly ALL, man,” she added huskily and lowered her lashes modestly.

    Words came back to haunt me.

    `Good hunting‘ the Old Man had said, `Good luck, Boy, you’ll need it!‘

    I stared hungrily at this beautiful vision who posed before me. It was still `Dana‘ after all, but a `Dana‘ with an `I’!

    Her long, loosely combed blonde hair fell around her smooth, ivory-skinned shoulders, bared by the white, translucent silk blouse with its deep scoop neckline and little cap sleeves. The front of her blouse had a rich fullness that I fixed upon eagerly.

    “My good God!” I whispered. Diana saw my stare and laughed throatily, arching her chest at me.

    “Yes, Ken, my Darling, my Man, it’s ALL me... both of them!”