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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Aaron’s father has a new wife and he has a new stepsister, Melissa, a professional hypnotist. Sensing something about the young man, Melissa decides to take Aaron on as a special project. She is determined to get Aaron the love life he wants and believes that the path to that is by Aaron being transformed into a femme fatale, using his natural affinity for hypnotic suggestion. Before long, he is completely under Melissa’s spell, rapidly turning into Emily, a young and beautiful woman. But this is not where her plans stop. She intends to pair the new girl off with her cousin Robert, a gay man with an appreciation for girls with “something extra” As much as Aaron’s subconscious tries to fight it, he cannot resist Robert’s charms, in and out of bed.

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    ‘‘Is everyone susceptible?’’ I asked. ‘‘I thought some people are impossible to hypnotise.’’

    ‘‘I’m never going to admit that,’’ she replied. ‘‘You’d be an amazing subject.’’

    ‘‘How can you tell? I’d resist all the way.’’

    ‘‘You’re challenging me, aren’t you?’’ Melissa came and walked round my chair. I remember that she looked at me, then nothing.

    ‘‘I told you I’d resist,’’ I said when I realised that Melissa was sitting opposite me with a huge grin on her face.

    ‘‘You did,’’ she said. ‘‘And who do you think won?’

    ‘‘I did, of course.’’

    ‘‘So I didn’t hypnotise you at all?’


    ‘‘So are you hypnotised now?’

    ‘‘I am hypnotised to obey,’’ I heard myself say. I blinked in shock. ‘‘Where did that come from?’

    ‘‘Are you hypnotised?’’ she asked again.

    ‘‘I am hypnotised to obey,’’ I replied, feeling equally surprised as the words slipped through my lips.

    ‘‘I think I won,’’ she said. ‘‘Now just to check, please tell me your name.’’

    ‘‘That’s easy; I’m Emily,’’ I replied, hearing what I said. ‘‘No; that’s not right… I’m Emily.’’

    ‘‘And are you hypnotised now?’

    ‘‘I am hypnotised to obey,’’ I said again.