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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

A special Spectrum collection just for you...

Three men, three stories about forced feminization. In Kitty's Story one is running from the sheriff and is turned into a girl by the madam of the local whorehouse. In Tending Houseplants Can be Dangerous, a man is transformed by a mob boss who has his own sinister motives. In the third, Tax Slave. a man owes tax money to a futuristic mega-state that enslaves those who are in debt and finds himself physically transformed on behalf of a wealthy woman who wants her gay son to have a trophy wife. Three different stories about men who have to reluctantly tolerate a radical transformation and deal with the ramifications of suddenly being an attractive woman.

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    From Tending Houseplants Can be Dangerous,

    “Trixie. You have made Max very embarrassed by making him up like a beautiful girl.”

    “Aw jeez, Jack! I was just bored. I get so tired of just watching TV, ya know?”

    “Yes, I know. But I have a feeling that you are not going to be bored any longer.”


    “How would you like to dress him up too? Complete his transformation into a pretty girl?”

    “Oh, Jack! Ya mean it?”

    “Right after we got here you were complaining that this house was just full of terrific clothes, and that all of it was too small for you to wear. Do you think Mr. Feeney here is the right size?”

    “Yeah! I’d say he’s exactly the right size!”

    “Then it’s settled. If holding a hostage gives us an advantage, then holding what appears to be a young woman gives us even more leverage if we are discovered by the cops. So, what I want from you from now on, Max, is your complete cooperation in helping Trixie change you into a sweet little lady.”

    I was dumb struck at what he proposed. “What do you...”

    “Now! Now! No talking, Max! No questions. To survive, you must do as I say. And, I say that you are going to be a girl. You may not speak unless one of us asks you a direct question. You will be quiet and do as you are told. You are small and slender and actually rather pretty with that makeup on your face. I think you will turn out to be very attractive as a female.” He finished his beer. “It is clear that you will be quite presentable as a woman. While we are here, you can help Trixie to keep the place in order and pretend to be a friend of the owner, who is helping her by being her house sitter. You know, answer the door and such. I hope we are clear about what I want you to do Max. Are we?”

    “Yes.” To survive, I had to submit to this wild plan.