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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Eric has a dilemma. To all outward appearances he is a normal young man. Inside, however, Eric has been grappling with the feeling that he is actually female. How can that be, though, It's all too much to figure out. Then Lolita, a beautiful young dominatrix, moves into the apartment next to his. Eric decides that she and her partner Tanya are just the people to confide in to try to sort out his conflicting feelings. They take Eric on as an interesting project. Under their direction, he starts to develop his feminine persona, a woman called Roberta. When some of Lolita and Tanya's submissives come for sessions, Roberta's inner cravings finally get an outlet. Being a woman for a man is everything she had imagined and more.. Fortunately there are people, male and female, who are more than willing to help Roberta sort her feelings out.

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    “I don’t have any sisters. The girl you saw was... was me.”

    Lolita was quite surprised, and somewhat uncertain that I was telling the truth. “What are you saying? Are you telling me that you like dressing up like a woman, or something like that? Are you a fag? A transvestite?”

    “Honey, I wish it were that easy,” I answered, nervously. “What I’m telling you is that I am a woman. I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body. I know it sounds corny, but that’s exactly what I’m saying; it’s exactly how I feel. I feel I’m a woman... or that I should have been born a woman.”

    Lolita seemed upset—unsettled by my awkward revelation. She stood and stared at me with her mouth partially open, trying to evaluate—based on the little amount of information I had given her—whether I was sincere or not sincere. After a fairly long period of time, she sat back in the chair, providing me with a very clear view of her pink and freshly bathed pussy. Although I noticed her `jewel,’ I continued to look her in the eye.

    “You’re serious, aren’t you?” she inquired, concerned.

    “Serious as a heart attack.“