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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Glenda is only a few years older than Jude, her stepson. Being that close in age causes some concern but her main gripe is that she would much prefer having a stepdaughter. Most people would just accept the situation for what it is but Glenda is more strong-willed than that. She wants a daughter and she would have one, by hook or by crook.

A plan is formulated. Before he can really assess the situation, Jude is covertly and slowly transformed into a lovely young woman (albeit one who still has her “original equipment”). As you read this engaging story, remember a hint early on that their story apparently takes a new turn after the end of this book.

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    ‘‘Hi Marianne, I couldn’t find the phone again,’’ she said when her friend picked up.

    ‘‘How’s it going with the boy?’’

    ‘‘It’s okay, I suppose. I really wish he’d been a girl though; life would be so much easier.’’

    ‘‘I already told you, you’ve time on your side. You could get him to understand that his life would be better if he lived it as a girl.’’

    ‘‘I don’t know if I dare. What would his father say?’’

    ‘‘If you handle it right, you could be the really sympathetic one, looking after his poor confused child.You could get them both on your side.’’

    ‘‘You make it sound so simple.’’

    ‘‘It could be if you listen to your best friend,’’

    ‘‘Okay, let’s say that you’ve convinced me. How could I go about it?’’

    ‘‘You have the services of an expert here,’’ Marianne said. ‘‘Remember, I’m a trained psychologist

    and counsellor. I do a lot of work with transsexuals and I think with a careful programme, you could work some magic on Jude.’’

    ‘‘He’s not shown any sign of wanting to be a girl.’’

    ‘‘That doesn’t matter. From what you’ve told me, he isn’t dating anyone and he looks as if he could be a convincing girl. All you have to do is seduce him into thinking that it’s what he wants.’’

    ‘‘If only it was as simple as you make it sound.’’

    ‘‘It is simple. Each step along the road is simple. Don’t think about it as a huge problem. It’s about building on small changes.’’