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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Here we have four tantalizing tales of men who are forced into full, convincing femininity. Sure they had fantasies of situations like that but, as they find out, the reality is very different from what their imaginations conjured up. You should be aware that some of the transformations involve some physical cruelty but the question for the reader to contemplate is whether the feminine ends justify the means.

An RP Classic colletion.

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    When I got home late that Saturday night, Darlene was already back. She met me at the door with a cool glass of iced tea and suggested I sit down and relax while she fixed us a bite to eat. I was so tired that the slightly funny taste of the tea didn’t even register on my consciousness. I passed out sitting at the kitchen table. It was late Sunday afternoon when I finally wokeup.

    My mouth tasted funny and my mind was groggy. I stumbled to the bathroom to relieve myself. I needed to go so badly that I didn’t really notice what I was wearing. I just pulled up the front of my nightshirt, skinned down the silky-feeling, tight-fitting underpants, and flowed.

    After I finished, I still wasn’t thinking; I just pulled the silken underpants back up, let down the front of the nightshirt, and turned to wash my hands. The water on my hands began to wake me.

    I noticed that I now had long, bright red fingernails! I had not had them before. Next, I looked into the mirror. My longish hair was now a mass of tight ringlet curls. And, my normally heavy morning whiskers were absent. Usually my beard was very heavy, but now my face was baby smooth.

    Then I noticed that my nightshirtwas really a filmy, frilly, nightie. And underneath it I had on a long boned corset. My normally thick mat of chest hair was gone, too. I now had a perfectly hairless smooth chest. My tits weren’t really any larger, but in the bra part of the corset, they were undeniably tits!

    I stepped back and looked down at my front. Below my little titties, my feet now had bright red toenails. Looking at my legs, I discovered my legs were now completely smooth and hairless. And, they were sheathed in seamed nylons attached to the garters on the corset. I pawed down the tight panties to discover that my penis was no longer surrounded by any hair at all. I was completely hairless down there.

    This couldn’t have really happened to me. Darlene would not have done this to me. This was too close to my secret fantasies of being made into a girl. My senses reeled. I held on to the counter to keep from falling. I noticed that I was even hairless under my arms. I could hardly breathe. My heart was pounding.

    I was trembling. For some irrational reason, I was afraid.