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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

An RP Classic story...
At his work at the moving and storage company, John runs across a box labeled "Acme Prop and Make-up Company", which is about to be sold for unpaid rental. He makes a rash decision to purchase it himself figuring it may be worth more than the back rental and takes
it home. Later that evening, he and his girlfriend, Allison, start to investigate it, but even after plugging it in and having it make some unusual lighting effects when, one after the other, they get inside, they figure it is only a prop. The next morning, however, John awakens to find himself in the body of a sexy female, almost the exact duplicate of Allison's. They realize it could only be the box that has caused
this. And so begins the adventure of their lives!

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    Alison, as usual, had gotten up first and was already taking her shower when John awoke. Still half asleep, he debated about joining her. He had just made up his mind that he would when the shower stopped and Alison appeared a few minutes later, dressed in John’s bathrobe and towel drying her hair.

    `She looks like a small bundle of dynamite,’ John thought. He fell in love with her again. He started to get out of the bed.

    The movement attracted Alison’s attention. She looked toward the bed and smiled. Her smile faded to a look of surprise, then anger.

    “Who are YOU? Where’s John?” she demanded, pointing her finger at him. “JOHN!” She turned toward the open bedroom door and yelled. “If this is some kind of joke, I AM NOT amused! If you know what’s good for you, you had better get back in here, right now!”

    John, now fully awake, sat upright. He was confused. He had no idea why Alison was screaming like that.

    “What the matter...?” he exclaimed in a high woman’s voice, startling himself with the sound of his voice.

    Hearing the sound of the woman’s voice, Alison spun around to face John.

    “All right, just who the hell are you? And where’s John?” She was furious at John, wherever he was, for pulling a trick like this on her.

    “Alison, please listen. I am John!” John protested again, sitting upright. The covers fell away from his body, exposing two full and very large feminine breasts. Confused by Alison’s unexpected anger, he didn’t notice the large orbs on his chest.

    “This is not funny. I can tell, the whole world could tell, you’re not John,” Alison said, pointedly, looking at the bare feminine breasts. “Now where is he?”

    “Alison, stop! I am John. Look I’ll prove it!” he flung the covers off expecting to find his own body under the covers. He discovered what Alison had already seen. While he may have been John in his mind, his body was someone else, a well-built woman!

    Alison coldly eyed the well built woman sitting on John’s side of the bed.