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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Like an old movie, with a trans twist...

Diana discovers a secret formula within a mummy case that is supposed to contain the ancient remains of a man, but contains the mummy of a woman. Planning to use the formula against her sexist boss it accidentally is taken by her fiancé, leaving her with a little problem... Will the change in her lover be a curse, or blessing and how is she going to break the news?

Follow along as this young man begins to discover his new life!

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    “Hi, ladies.” Eric said cheerfully as the two women walked into the kitchen. He indicated the empty plate in front of him. “I guess that I pigged out on the donuts, sorry.”

    Alison looked at the empty plate, there had been eleven donuts she had been talking to Diana, he had eaten them all!

    “I’ll make some pancakes. Just sit down Diana, and I’ll take care of everything,” Alison suggested before Diana could offer to help.

    Diana sat down directly in front of Eric and studied him as he thumbed through the paper. He WAS shorter and smaller. even the shape of his hands had changed, she thought as she watched his long slender fingers turn a page.

    Diana glanced sharply at Alison, who was leaning against the counter next to the stove with her arms crossed, a spatula in one hand. Alison looked back at Diana and made the motion that people almost always make when describing a Van Dyke beard.

    Diana snapped her head back to look at Eric again. Diana sat back in stunned disbelief as Eric turned another page. He was totally beardless and his cheeks appeared to be as smooth and soft as her own. Diana knew that despite all of the showers he had taken, he hadn’t shaved once since returning home.