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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Peter’s never been as tall or as muscular as the other boys in his high school class. When a genetics company offers to give everyone in the Senior class a test for a study, most parents give >their OK to the plan. When the tests come back, both Peter and his Mom are shocked at what they learn: The test shows that Peter is genetically female, despite his male anatomy.

The school now wants him to dress as a girl toattend class, so Peter’s new life in dresses, panties, and heels begins.

As uncomfortable as he is in his new role in life, he starts to see that the >newly-christened Madeleine is more popular than the mousy Peter ever was. Not only that but the new girl is finding out that she is very attractive to certain boys—and even girls. Before long, she is testing out her new sexuality and finding it more than agreeable.

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    ‘‘You’re very quiet,’’ Peter said as he watched his Mom read the results of his DNA analysis.

    ‘‘I think you’d better read this,’’ She said softly, passing the papers to him.

    ‘‘It says that I’m part Irish, and part Italian, with a smaller percentage match with Greece and Scotland,’’ Peter replied. ‘‘That sounds good; there’s nothing strange there. I almost wish there was something different about it.’’

    ‘‘You haven’t read it properly.’’ His Mom reached out and took his hand. ‘‘Look at the top line.’’

    Peter looked again and was silent for a few moments. ‘‘They got my age right, but they say I’m a girl. They must have got that wrong.’’

    ‘‘I’m sure there must be some mistake there,’’ Mom >replied. ‘‘I’ll call the school in the morning and get them to check your test again.’’