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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

In the first of two intriguing short stories, a neer-do-well brother is transformed into a woman as punishment for all the problems he's caused. When he's implicated in a murder, his fed-up sister concocks an elaborate plan to make him over into a woman to avoid the long arm of the law. But not just any woman; he becomes Barbie Dahl, an incredibly sexy rock guitarist. Is his transformation a punishment or a reward?

For the second story, two gorgeous wives have had enough of their husbands' antics when they discover that they are fooling around with two bimbos from their workplace. Divorce would mean the end of the opulent lives the women have been leading and no other solution seems to be available. Until, that is, the women buy an old urn that just happens to contain a magical imp. If he grants the pair their wishes, he will be free from his prison. Hmm, what could one wish for that would stop the philandering spouses? Turning them into teenage girls might do that, right?

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    Now, a week later, Lisa and Lynn were coming to review the effects of their demented handiwork. I trembled at the thought of being seen by my sister as I now was.

    “I had no idea the change would be so dramatic!” Lisa exclaimed as I stood motionless and nude before them.

    “Yes, we’re quite pleased with the results of the Stage One injection,” answered Dr. Sanders. “Nurse, please read the last entry on the patient’s chart.”

    Just a short while ago, I would have been consumed with sticking my big, throbbing rocket into the very pretty and buxom young nurse, but now I bowed my head shyly as she responded.

    “Patient Barbie Ann Dahl, admitted 6 weeks ago exhibiting the physical characteristics of a fully grown male adult 24 years of age. At the time of admittance, the patient stood 6’0" tall and weighed 190 lbs. Patient’s body was covered extensively with coarse black hair, and the genitals were measured as being The penis was 6" in its< flaccid state, and 12" erect.”

    I listened wordlessly as the details of my debasement were enumerated while Lisa and Lynn just smirked.

    “The patient now exhibits the physical characteristics of a considerably under-androgenized male in the early teen years. Height is now 5’2" and the patient’s weight is currently 110 lb. Body hair has been all but eliminated, except of course in the cranial area and genital vicinity. The penis now is just 1" long in the flaccid state, incapable of erection, and the testes have withdrawn to an undescended position and reside within the lower abdomen.”

    I couldn’t help myself any longer and the tears began to flow freely over my lost virility.

    “There there Barbie, don’t cry,” Lynn said sneeringly. “We promised that the police would never catch you. They’re not looking for an underdeveloped, sissified teenager, now are they?”

    “I hate you all for doing this to me! You’ve ruined my life!” I screamed with my high soprano voice, sounding more like a silly girl throwing a temper tantrum than a man protesting a cruel fate.