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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

A young couple wants to have a baby. They agree that breast feeding is the best way to go but the wife has had a double mastectomy because of cancer so that seems to be out of the question. The husband, who has been a crossdresser in the past, has a crazy idea. What if he was to get hormone injections an breast implants? Then he could be a househusband/wife and allow his wife to continue he successful career.

To his surprise, his wife agrees and the game is on. As his breasts grow, however, the young man realizes that there is more to being a woman than having mammaries...and that he wants it all.

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    Just walking down the hall to the kitchen was a thrilling new set of sensations. The feel of the woman’s underclothes on my body was a constant secret pleasure to me. I found myself getting a strange little thrill from the pull of the garters against the hose sheathing my legs as I walked. I also liked having my waist compressed by the waist cincher I was wearing. And the silky feel of the panties on my genitals and my bottom sent little excitements to my mind. Taken all together, the sensations from my feminine underthings were a constant reminder that my masculine shirt and pants were merely camouflage. I felt secretly excited knowing I was wearing womanly things beneath my normal outer garb.