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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

It all started when the narrator's father married a hair and makeup expert from show business. The young man agreed to help her test some looks for some of her assignments, but things really changed when her son came home to from college and planned to attend a Halloween party. Somehow the young man ended up as a female zombie and thus began a slide to a whole new life.

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    Her brows rose quizzically but I pretended not to notice. In truth, I’d been in something of a mental turmoil. I was questioning myself and coming to some conclusions that I didn’t understand.

    I’d liked being taken for a girl. More than that, I really loved the idea of dressing up, jewellery, hair and makeup. I loved the feel of the clothes, the heels, and the scent of perfume.

    I wasn’t sure about sucking another penis though. The thought appalled me but at the same time it thrilled me. It gave me power to control some guy.

    Did I like the weight of those false breasts on my chest? I tried to ignore that question. I wasn’t prepared for what came next.

    ‘Does sorting things out mean that you’re thinking what it would be like if I made you over into looking as if you were a real girl?’

    ‘Would you?’ I think the enthusiasm in my voice gave me away.

    ‘Thad asked me if I could make you over into his date for Saturday.’ Alicia said.

    ‘He can’t seriously want to date a boy.’ I replied going red in the face.

    ‘Don’t be silly. He wants you to be such a glamorous young lady that all the boys will be jealous.’

    ‘I don’t know if I could do that.’