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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Since the first installment of the story, our hero/heroine has decided to go through with the breast enhancement surgery. Actually, his/her desires go well beyond that to seriously contemplating having surgery to be a full woman.

After much consideration, the work is done and he is now a she in all ways. Her wife and she decide to live publicy as "sisters" to protect Pat's political career.

Total femininity has many rewards, among which is being admired by men (and women) in public.

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    I didn’t wake up until late the next morning when Dr. Timmerbum came into my room and woke me up.

    I asked him, “Well, Doctor, when are you going to operate on me?”

    He chuckled and told me, “I’ve already operated! In fact, unless there are problems, you can go back home tomorrow!”

    I was incredulous and said, “I don’t believe it! Where are the IV tubes and all the other stuff?”

    He didn’t answer, but instead went to the dresser and got my hand mirror. Then he came back to the bed and gently pulled back the cover from over me. He raised the hem of my hospital gown and placed the mirror between my legs so I could see my crotch. I was shocked. He really had operated. Where my little penis and testicles had been, there now was a >womanly pudendum, a female set of labia, and a little feminine clitoris. It looked as though I now had the genitalia of a woman.