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reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Is it possible for a young heterosexual man to become a woman, complete with a woman’s sexual desires? That thought never crossed our protagonist’s mind, even when he was rejected by a few girl? Well, he may never have considered it but some of his acquaintances certainly saw the possibilities. His transformation into a Grade A Hottie was accelerated by the sudden attention he started getting from the men at the bar, especially one particular guy. Although he had never thought about having sex with a man, especially in the female role, the newfound attention he was getting from the hunk combined with the confusing but delightful sensations feminine finery were giving him combined to push him further and further into Girl World.

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    ‘‘Now all we have to do is decide what kind of girl you’re going to be.’’ Leslie gestured to us all to sit round the table where she had a pad and pen waiting.

    ‘‘We’re going to play a game. It’s a game to describe our girl.’’

    ‘‘She’ll not be pretty.’’ I shook my head and sat as I could see that nothing would deter them.

    ‘‘Part one is to describe all the processes he’ll have to go through.’’ Leslie handed out sheets to Susie and Shelley. ‘‘There’s no limits; let your imagination be as free as possible.’’

    ‘‘You mean what we’d like him to look like?’’ Susie asked.

    ‘‘Yes, hair, makeup, and all the rest; think about how he’s going to look to win. Think about the clothes and the style; what kind of girl do we expect him to be.’’

    ‘‘He’s got to be the winner, of course,’’ Shelley added.

    ‘‘There may be stiff competition…’’ Leslie started and then realised what she’d said. ‘‘I mean there’s competition already; I’ve seen Jordan.’’

    ‘‘He’s very convincing,’’ Shelley agreed. ‘‘But we can do better.’’

    ‘‘You said part one. Is there a part two?’’ Susie sucked the end of her pen. ‘‘Does he have the freedom to agree to things as well?’’ Shelley raised her hand.

    ‘‘No, the basics are our choices.’’ Leslie paused in thought. ‘‘But if he agrees, then something not on the list is allowed.’’

    ‘‘You’ve made a lot of decisions for me,’’ I objected.

    ‘‘Well, you weren’t going to make them for yourself.’’

    Leslie sounded strict. ‘‘You need someone to make them for you. Now leave us to our lists, when we’ve compared notes and made decisions, we’ll call you back.’’

    ‘‘Have I no choices?’

    ‘‘Of course, but they have to fit in with what we decide.’’

    ‘‘So, no, I’ve got choices then,’’ I sighed.

    ‘‘Good, that’s understood.’’ Leslie said. ‘‘And we don’t need you here while we discuss it all.

    ‘‘But it’s me you’re talking about.’’