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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Melissa Tales provides us three New Woman Sci-Fi stories.
Forbidden Planet
tells us of a woman's world and what happens when men trespass.
To Fit the Crime
: Step into a future where a rapist discovers true terror.
In All Change
, an absentminded professor learns that forgetfulness can have strange results...

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    From To Fit the Crime

    “First, I’ll take a sample of blood to analyze your own DNA and tailor it to the new, female form. That will be injected back into you along with special proteins which will turn off your male genes and allow the new ones to work. These will slowly change your body, first each cell, then all your organs until, in about a year, you will be totally female. It will not hurt though at times the changes will make you feel very uncomfortable. In the space of that year you will pass through all the stages of adolescence until finally, you will be a healthy female of your proper chronological age. Effectively, you will age twelve years in the space of one.”

    She neglected to tell him that unlike the independent modern young misses of the day, his training would ensure that he had an olde world femininity and submissiveness. He had to be punished after all.