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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

A Reluctant Press classic, rewritten by the author with all new illustrations.

Singing Sparrow, of the, Quoheemish tribe, is what is known as a male woman, or two-spirit as they are now known, 'transgender' in modern English. As such, she is regarded as special and is revered by her people.

When the White settlers arrive, she finds out that most of them do not see people like her the same way, however. She must keep her gender a secret from them lest she be reviled as a pervert. Not all White men think of her that way, however.

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    I loved her so much that I even asked White Beaver if the parson would come and say the words to make me and Moon Owl married to each other.

    He started to laugh, but then stopped. “I’m right sorry to have to say this, Singing Sparrow,” he said, “but no parson would ever do that.”

    I did not understand. “Why not?” I asked.

    “Well, it’s because you and Moon Owl are both male gals. The parsons have a book that they say has everything in it that the Great Spirit ever said, and if it ain’t in there, the Great Spirit didn’t say it. In that book, the way they read it, it says two gals can’t get hitched to each other, nor two fellows either. The parsons would call it the sin of Sodom.”

    “What is that?”

    “Well, Sodom was a place where most of the men were mighty evil, and they liked to force other men to get their dung-holes stuffed full of the men’s, you know, mungushumus—like what Mighty Bear tried to do to you.”

    I was shocked and struck with horror, not knowing how the parsons could think such a thing. “But that is nothing like my love for Moon Owl, and hers for me!” I protested.