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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Billy has a tormentor who loves to provoke him. After one such encounter, Billy fights back and accidentally breaks his enemy's arm. His domineering mother decides that he needs to learn a lesson about not being aggessive. She forces him to wear a stuffed bra while the other boy is mending. That, of course, leads to Billy being tormented even more. Another altercation and once again Billy hurts his opponent while defending himself.

His mother and the school's principal decide that Billy needs to be expelled. He will temprarily be sent to a new scool to learn manners. This new school is unorthodox. It specializes in making attractive faux girls out of boys. Billy's resistance to this regimen starts showing cracks as he sees how pretty he is becoming. To make things even more confusing his father who has stayed on the sidelines during all this tumult, reveals a surprising secret, complicating Billy's life choices.

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    “Tell me that you are going to wear this brassiere. Ask me nicely for it, and sound like you mean it!”

    “Please. . . Mom. . . uh, can I wear it?”

    “Oh, no! I told you to tell me that you want to wear your lovely brassiere. Tell me that you want to put it on. Promise me that you won’t take it off, either. I want to hear some enthusiasm here.”

    I squeezed out the terrible words. It was eerie hearing my own voice begging to be allowed to wear the ghastly thing and promising to do so. Mother was only too quick to grant my wish. She parked me on the stool in front of her skirted vanity and ordered Olivia to fetch a washcloth and towel to clean up the mop debris that covered my shoulders. As I reluctantly held my arms out in front of myself, Olivia slipped the shiny shoulder straps up my arms and Mom hooked it in back. I was allowed to lay my hands in my lap as Mom slipped a pair of molded breast forms into the cups of the brassiere. My new bosoms swelled and rose into pointed fullness.

    “You are not going to get into any more trouble, now,” Mom ordered. “Wearing this for the next six weeks will cause you some problems. That is my intention. Despite your promise to wear it, I don’t feel you are to be trusted to keep it on. You don’t want to know what I will do to you if you do take it off, so I will remove the temptation.”