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Reluctant Pre? novelette cover

Someday in the future will exist a special school for young men, who cannot adjust to the demands of society.

This is the diary of just such a young man, sent to The Black Rose Academy, by his father, to become a woman! (B&D)

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    After the physical, the doctor turned on this slide projector and began giving me this really detailed lecture on human sexuality and reproduction. I mean like really graphic. Then he began explaining about the physical, mental and emotional changes that a male goes through, when he’s put on something called female hormone therapy. And he explained all about that to me as well. He spent a lot of time and attention on how especially effective it is, when it’s administered to someone as young as myself.

    Are you beginning to get an inkling of the growing state of anxiety and panic that was going on within me, at this point?! He was especially careful to answer all my questions concerning this, so that I would clearly understand how totally irreversible the effects are on a boy, especially when accompanied by change of sex surgery, along with appropriate schooling, such as they would be giving me here at the academy.