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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Leslie is an unusual name for a male but it doesn't say anything about his sexuality or gender. The Leslie in question is just a young man of the heterosexual persuasion who happens to be somewhat more slightly built than most of his peers. Unemployed, he jumps at the chance for a job. One little hitch, however. The job will require him to dress, act, and live as a woman. The "why" is not immediately explained but the promise of a large regular paycheck outweighs the pecularity of the requirement.

So "Lesley" the woman is everything Leslie the man never was: self-assured, confident, and insanely attractive. Quickly her would-be lovers teach her the ins and outs of sex. Mr. Feldman, her boss, seems more than content to stay on the side and simply enjoy Lesley's presence in his office. What does Mr. Babel think about all this, however, and why is he never seen around the office?

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    ‘‘This isn’t going to be easy for you, so get that into your mind.’’ Bella sounded really strict. ‘‘You’ve got to be real and be convincing.’’

    ‘‘But I’m not a girl,’’ I protested. ‘‘I never wanted to be.’’

    ‘‘But you have a contract to be a girl.’’ She stared me into silence. ‘‘You can either embrace it or enjoy it, or you’re going to have an awful time.’’

    ‘‘I guess you’re right, but how do I enjoy it.’’

    ‘‘The first thing to understand is that being a girl is good,’’ Bella said. ‘‘Get it through your head that you’re really a girl. It’s what you are; it’s what you’re going to be.’’