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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Chip, a slim guy with long hair has never been a hit with the women, so when he is invited to go on a trip with Tad, his best friend, Tad's girlfriend and another woman, he happily agrees. Soon he discovers that the two women are actually in a relationship and he and Tad will be bunking together. When Tad suggests that he dress up as a woman, he strangely agrees.

As he descends further and further into Girlworld, Chip discovers that there is much fun to be had on the other side of the gender divide, especially with Tad as an eager participant.

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    ‘‘I don’t understand." I looked at him as he leaned towards me and quickly kissed me on the lips.

    ‘‘Now do you understand?’’ he asked quietly. ‘‘You haven’t slapped me or screamed, so I don’t think you object too much to being kissed."

    ‘‘I’ve never been kissed before."

    I was shocked by his action and my reaction. I didn’t feel threatened and I wasn’t scared.