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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

In The Room, a graduate student accepts a job housesitting and discovers a secret room that allows people to swap bodies. Unable to resist, he finds himself in the body of a hot young woman. When the hot young poorboy shows up, sparks begin to fly.

In The Hero, a decorated space soldier's EV suit gets accidentally punctured killing him. Thousands of years later, he is discovered and brought back to life by highly advanced medical technology. He finds himself and the world changed beyond his imagination

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    Robert was dazed by the sight of his reflection in the mirror. It if wasn’t for the glaring discrepancy of the male genitals, he would have believed he was in the body of a beautiful and well-built woman. Trying to ignore the protrusion between his legs, Robert twisted this way and that, trying to see every inch of his sensuous appearing body.