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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

In Plain Brown Wrapper, Jerry receives a sexy red silken bra and panty set. If you got this package and it was not addressed to you, would you try them on? Jerry succombs to his curiosity and follows his impulse to put on the lacy garments.

That really shouldn’t be a big deal but what happens next changes everything for him. Into his life comes Kelly, a beautiful young woman who offers to help him with his dilemma. She seems to have an ulterior motive, however. What exactly is going on here and what happens when a normal man finds his body transforming into a specimen of feminine pulchritude?

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    He had fifteen minutes to wait until his dinner was done.

    The image of the red panties was drawing him like a magnet to the blue-topped box. Scarcely aware of what he was doing, Jerry opened the box and removed the panties.

    He hadn’t noticed before how soft the fabric felt, almost like a mother’s caress. A strange thought crossed his mind. Would they feel as sensual wearing them as they did in his hands? An odd thought coming from a man who had never considered wearing a pair of panties in his life.

    Jerry shook his head and gently placed the panties on top of the tissue paper. He glanced at the clock that doubled as a timer on the microwave; he still had another ten minutes before his dinner would be done.

    Nine minutes to go. Jerry reached for the panties again, holding them up by their waistband. They wouldn’t fit anyway, he thought to himself.

    Eight minutes to go. Jerry started to return the panties to the box one last time, then hesitated. There was no way they would even begin to fit him. But they really had felt sensuous in his rough hands. Would they feel the same if he slipped them on? If they would fit, that is.

    Seven minutes to go. Jerry glanced at the microwave timer. Seven minutes. It wasn’t a very long time; he could slip the panties on and wear them until the timer went off. No one would ever know that he’d tried them on. He would be embarrassed if anyone found out.

    Six minutes to go. Jerry stood up and slipped one foot through the panty briefs. The fabric felt soft and cool as it rubbed against his ankle. His other foot quickly followed the first.

    Five minutes to go. The panties had felt strange sliding up his hairy legs and even stranger as he pulled the waistband all the way up. It had been years since he’d worn underwear that reached his navel. Yet, the unfamiliar position of the snug elastic band felt comfortable.

    He ran his hands down the back of the panties. They did feel as sensual wearing them as merely holding then. They felt even more erotic than he had thought possible. Jerry tied his bathrobe closed and sat back down. Even if someone had seen him right now, they couldn’t tell that he was wearing anything unusual.

    The remaining five minutes passed as though they had been mere seconds. By the time the timer “dinged,” Jerry had already decided that he would leave the panties on until after he ate his dinner. Then back into the box they would go. Tomorrow, he would try to find the rightful owner. For now he would enjoy the feel of the silky material against his body.