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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Douglas and Emma are a normal, average couple but Emma isn’t happy that Douglas is so emotional. It gnaws at her more as time passes and Douglas pays less attention to her. A friend suggests a possible remedy for the situation: a service called ‘The Girlfriend Experience.’ The friend is vague about exactly what the place does but Emma, desperate for a solution to her concerns, agrees to try to get Douglas to pay a visit.

There wasn’t much to the initial visit but it seemed to have released something in Douglas’psyche. Suddenly he is happy to visit the clinic as often as possible and with each successive session, he becomes more and more feminine. Things proceed along this new path better than Douglas or Emma could have expected. Until, that is, William enters the picture.

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    ‘‘You smell nice.’’ Emma picked him up from his second weekend.

    ‘‘I’m pleased you approve.’’ He leaned over the car seat and kissed her gently. ‘‘I think it’s a perfume that you used to use ages ago when I first met you.’’

    ‘‘Mm, I really like that scent.’’ Emma hugged him back and looked at him hard. ‘‘There’s something about you.’’

    ‘‘It’s sweet of you to notice,’’ he replied. ‘‘I’ve had a lovely couple of days. I can’t wait to come back.’’

    ‘‘You really enjoyed it?’’

    ‘‘Oh yes, it’s been delicious,’’ he replied.

    “What happened? I mean, what was it about?’’

    “You know, I can’t remember a thing,’’ he replied. ‘‘But it was truly wonderful.’’

    Once they arrived at their apartment, Douglas’ good mood continued, much to Emma’s surprise.

    ‘‘I need to freshen up,’’ he said as soon as he was through the door. ‘‘I’ll just put my case away andthen I’ll be with you.’’

    ‘‘You’ve been ages,’’ Emma said. She was in their kitchen when she heard him in the living room.

    ‘‘I wanted to be all fresh for you.’’ He came close and put his arms around her. ‘‘I’m so lucky that you care for me so much.’’