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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Remember when your high school had a “rival” school, probably across town? Remember the silly feuds the schools would get into? Sometimes those would include a bet of some kind with the loser incurring a penalty. That’s what happened between East and West High schools. The member of the losing school’s track team would have to dress like girls every day for a few weeks.

Our protagonist is the star of West’s team and virtually everyone expects him to lead his school to victory. Unfortunately, an injury incurred in the last race of the meet costs him a broken leg and the win. He and his teammates accept their fate as faux girls. It’s only temporary, after all. Little does he know, however, that his Mom and Julia, his girlfriend, had other plans for him.

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    All of my usual clothes had simply disappeared as if they had never existed. In their place were some girl’s clothes; skirts, some very feminine blouses, some colorful dresses, and a whole bunch of soft nylon underwear. Mom explained that since I had lost the meet (not our team but me; I personally had lost the meet), that I had to do my part in the fulfillment of the bet. She said all of that with a wide grin, adding that she now had a chance to see what it would have been like to have had a daughter instead of a son and that she was going to take full advantage of it.

    Julia had supplied most of the clothing. By the terms of the bet, I was to be fully dressed as a girl and there was no way out of it. As it was, it would either be that or be naked. Certain allowances were to be made for the fact that my one foot was in a cast. This allowance was granted partially due to the fact that my cast was toe pointing. It meant that my one “free” (and functional) foot was allowed to be clad in a luscious (Julia’s term) high-heeled shoe, a “bonus.”

    There was a bit of jealousy in that the heel of my shoe was higher than highest that she or any of the other school girls could wear to school. The principal, in consultation with the doctor, of course, had mandated that that was what I was to wear. He had passed it on to my mother shortly after the race so that she would have time to get the proper shoes.

    Well, you can’t buy just one.