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Two stories: In Made to Be a Sissy, Marilyn brings her new maid service to the Lafille household only to discover that they already have sissy maid, the husband, Cece. As time passes Marilyn only becomes more involved in this strange household. In My Faithful Honeymoon, Quincy realizes that he isn't man enough for his wife, but perhaps will be perfect as a sissy maid.

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    "After his Mother died, his Aunt Barbara was appointed his legal guardian and worked very hard to have Cecil lead a very loving and pampered, yet disciplined life. Because of his frailties, he was often ill and bullied by other boys who called him a sissy, panywaist, fairy and other such names. To protect him, Barbara kept him at home after school dressed in a frilly pinafore teaching him many of the domestic skills he has today.

    "She had only one child, a girl named Leslie, who stubbornly insisted on playing boyish games. Barbara had wanted a daughter to pamper and dress in frills. Soon, she began a game of dressing Cecil as a little girl claiming he could be the daughter she always wanted.

    "Cecil adored his 'Aunty Barbara' and would do anything to please her so he readily went along with her game. It wasn't long before Cecil fell in love with his petticoats and frills and answered to 'Cecilia', or 'CeCe', as Barbara would often call him.

    "His cousin Leslie would sometimes tease him, but even she realized that the more he took on a feminine persona, the more she would be left alone to pursue her tomboy ways.

    "She decorated one of the rooms in her spacious home as feminine as possible and that became CeCe's special room.

    "He took ballet lessons with other girls, read girlish novels and magazines and loved to go shopping with Aunty Barbara; helping her choose many stylish fashions."