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A collection of short stories... A New Romance, where love has its own twists and turns, through Awakenings and Breasts for Danny, where changes are abrupt and interesting. California Girls tells a transgender story from the author's point of view, while Cutting Edge gives yet another view. Finally there is something for fans of the horror genre, With a transgender twist, of course) with Draven, Midnight Hunter.

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    I lay there and waited for her to continue to explain, but she just sat there looking at me; her expression calculating. Eventually she said, "Ms Weaver was due to undergo sex reassignment surgery in theater 1 and yourself a hernia operation in theater 3. It seems that there was some confusion with your notes and as such you were taken to the wrong theater."

    "No! Surely you don't mean to tell me that I have had a sex change operation?"

    "I'm afraid, Mr. Ryan, that is exactly what has happened."

    "But why? How? if it has been done then surely it came be undone, just change me back."

    "Believe me, I wish that it were that simple, sex reassignment surgery has come a long way in recent years, some might say leaps and bound, up until say three years ago, it was a gamble."