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Dolores Cummings plots her husband's death so she could have the life she always wanted, but without the old man. Her only problem is that she is left in charge of his son, her step-son and he gets a sizable portion of the estate. And then a plan comes to mind... if only little Ricky were to become Roxanne... Sound dark? It gets even darker as the new woman becomes involved with the mob and even murder.

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    "Emma, what are those?" Roxanne said, pointing to the breasts.

    "What do you think, silly, my breasts."

    "Your breasts? How did they come about?"

    "You will have them too, pretty soon I would think. Mother helped the process by giving me female hormones, just after the last time you were here."

    "What do you mean, I will have them too?"

    "Hasn't your mother explained all about the blocker hormones? Mother explained it all to me. I never liked being a boy anyway. But you didn't like being a girl, did you? However there's not much you can do about it now."