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One moment a young private in the Army of the Confederate States of America is dying from his wounds in a field hospital and in the next he is healed and almost 500 years in the future, learning that he must learn to be a Southern Belle in a mock-up of his southern past. This story concerns androids, time travel and, at its heart an extreme transformation.

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    "It is not the real South?"

    "No Tod. that has been gone for half a millennium."

    "It looks, feels, sounds, smells real. but you just found out a half hour ago that I'm from the South. this would take years to do. How did you do it?"

    She smiled at me. "It took a little more that a week to do. Our first conversation took place almost two weeks ago."

    "But how could... I never noticed that..."

    "No Tod, that's the idea. You don't notice when it happens."

    "I feel like I have no control over what happens to me."

    "In a way, no. But in other ways, yes. Remember that by law we must try to make you happy."

    "By making me play the part of a girl. That makes no sense."

    "It will. Now go to the main house. Someone will meet you there. She's an android."