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The sexy adventures of Heather McCann continue. Heather was successful as a male investment counselor; the question is, will be taken seriously by her clients now that she is living as an attractive woman? One thing is certain though: the men in her life have certainly noticed the new and improved Heather. And Heather has discovered within herself an interest in the male of the species that she never knew existed.

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    Geoff actually whistled when I came out of the room, my new black and grey high heels i hand. I had let my hair curl around my ears and neck but the sides were long enough now to pin up on top and fall at the back in a curly strand. I smiled at him as I dropped my heels to the floor, opened my purse, and put on some Chanel again, very, very lightly

    I was still shorter than him even in my three-inch heels as he came to be with my business valise.

    You look gorgeous." he said huskily, slipping his arm through mine as we headed to the door. Then, his arm went about my waist and I felt kind of funny. I wasn't used to being walked out in that way, or to have someone carry my work for me. I also wasn't used to the stares we got as we went to the limousine.