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Reluctant Press Book Cover

In the spring of 1988 Inspector Joe Stagnaro along with five other members of the Santa Cruz Investigative Unit, go undercover in drag to investigate a series of rapes on the boardwalk. Although he was the first to drop out, he closely follows the training of the others and how it radically changes their lives. One life in particular is his partner's who has a rendezvous with a certain rapist.

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    "If you don't learn another thing from out little association, learn this: Being female has absolutely nothing to di with what you're wearing, the length of your hair, or your bust line. It's totally, one-hundred percent in your head. It's just that simple and it's that complicated. If you want to make this decoy thing work, you've got to learn how to feel feminine - from the inside out. By the time I'm through with you, all of you will be able to pass anytime and any place. You'll also discover a whole new side to life."

    Pat shivered visibly, but Vonnie paid no attention, continuing her pitch.

    "This may be the most interesting, insightful and frightening experience you will ever go through. If you don't think you can handle it, just say so and you're out."