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Reluctant Press Book Cover

The incredibly sexy story of one male person's struggle and journey to become the woman of her dreams.

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    My move from the city was to begin a new life. I had always wanted to be a sexy lady, and had decided that Long Island was as good a place as any to begin my rebirth. Becoming a lady, however, was not as easy as I had imagined.

    Three months of experimentation and practice produced very few results, if any at all.

    If Lolita had the desire, she could become a valuable source of knowledge. I had no idea, however, what would motivate her to be my friend. And if I told her of my intentions, how would she react to me? Would she shrug me off as some confused homosexual, call me a pervert, or would she possibly understand my deep desire and commitment to become a woman.

    One thing was certain: I would never know, unless I asked.