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This is a story of lost love and mysticism. Meg and Sam were girlfriend and boyfriend in high school when he told her that he was trans and she basically bolted from him and his life. Meg is visited by a spirit that speaks of her future and she is bothered by this as well as her thoughts of Sam for years. That visitation becomes a catalyst for their reintroduction years later. It's a love story with many twists and turns over the years.

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    She was back in her room in the quiet house on Elm Street, four years earlier. Samual was on her mind when she was asleep. The phrase 'time warp' whisked the last cobwebs of sleep from her mind. Then she made an effort to find the peace and security of those earlier times. What a strange dream, she whispered and closed her eyes.

    "Margaret," the voice resonated in the shadows. It was Letos.

    Meg was instantly awake and, as so many years earlier, grasped her sheet to hold against her, But, this time she was alert. "Wait, don't go. I know you are my private incubus and we need to talk."

    Her tone hinted at amusement. "Then relax and listen. I see you are a grown woman now, ready to take on the cares and concerns of your world. Your friend of the occult would reap the bounty of your young body. She can teach you many things that will help you resolve your innermost flaws. Sexual completion is a famous healer."

    "So look, whoever you are. I figured that out already. Tell me something I don't know. Prepare me like you promised me before."

    "Promise? Not me. I'd no way of knowing we would be together again in this way. I can help, however. Samuel is alive and healthy. Master studies are gripping his attention at this time but there have been changes that affect you."

    Meg drew a deep breath. "Ready, already." she said as if impatient. "Lay it on me."

    "Your occult friend suggested you find Samuel because she knows where he is. When you ask her about Samuel, she will put you in another trance and inform you.

    Seducing you will be her reward. The truth remains, and it is why I am here, that Samuel now needs you in important ways for both of you."