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We've all seen extraordinarily beautiful crossdressers on TV talk shows. This recounts how two of them went from being average (maybe a little smaller in size) teenager boys to becoming elegant and lovely women sought after as professional escorts by wealthy matrons.

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    "I liked the way you handled yourself today," she began. "You were precisely the lady I wanted you to be. You did enjoy spending the day in a dress and heels, didn't you?"

    I nodded. It had been only too pleasurable. I was not only looking forward to doing it again, I secretly wanted to do this all the time. I loved the demure lady I had become when I was enfemme. I took  another sip of the soft drink. She leaned over and kissed me. I got up and walked to the bedroom with Dinah right behind me. We both giggled girlishly as she unzipped me and I unzipped her.

    Later as I lay against her, I wondered how long this was going to last. I loved being submissive. I wanted a solution to this conundrum of having to live two lives, one masculine and one feminine.