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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Greg and Don have been close best friends for as long as they can remember and it has only led to a successful and rewarding life for both of them. Greg, however has started to stumble and it is all because of his desire to have the perfect woman in his life. Don is told that the perfect solution would be for him to take on that role as his perfect woman, but only temporarily, until Greg's dream girl shows up. Would you to that for your best friend?

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    Donna was touched by how willing Greg was to help her and she was especially pleased to see what a profound effect her transformation had on Greg. He was back on track again, she could feel it. Her magical sex change had definitely been a good idea. Embarrassing, but a good idea.

    But she couldn't count any chickens before they were hatched. Donna felt she couldn't feel completely safe about Greg until the woman Donna was standing in for came along. Donna suddenly felt a twinge of jealousy towards the other woman.

    "What does she have that I haven't got, anyway? Why am I just a stand in? Greg is my best friend, not her's. She's probably just a peroxide haired cheap little bimbo."

    Donna was actually getting worked up over the thought of another woman coming between her and Greg. When she thought about that, she laughed.

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    The perfect girl

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    Both Don and Greg are smart ,successful and talented, they were a lot a like, except one detail, Greg wanted to find the right girl. He thought he found her, but it didn't work out. So Greg's work falter. So unusable means was created until he found his perfect girl. So Don will be a girl for a few days. What could go wrong, that is the question Don asked himself as he is a girl. What are the answers. That is question