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Max Landon is a college student whose father, a bank executive, is found murdered at work. Eventually it is obvious that someone now wants to kill him and if he is to survive while the police look for the killer, he must disappear. 

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    "All right, now I believe you have one semester remaining in your junior year. This will give us plenty of time to get you trained and transform you for your new identity. I want you to let your hair grow. Three months from your last day of school, let your nails grow. Continue your exercise routine. You are thinner than when I met you and while the stress of the situation may have caused that, I don't want you to put on any weight. I want you to study the books that I have brought to you and pay close attention to the lessons on the accompanying DVD. You must begin electrolysis immediately. There is a business card in one of the books. Make evening appointments and give them my card. A portion of the costs will be paid by the agency. You have a soft feminine voice but modulate it a little more so you sound more feminine.  I will be back tomorrow morning at eight AM. I want you to wear only your athletic supporter under your clothing."

    "Where are we going?"