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Christopher has just transferred to a new high school. Immediately he is set upon by gang of bullies who want to turn him into the school's sissy. Then the girlfriends of those same bullies want to turn him into a girl and have him attend classes as such. Such a wonderful tale for fans of humiliation and forced feminization.

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    "But I can't go to school dressed like a girl!"

    The girls broke into loud laughter causing me to look down towards the floor in knowing realization of the truth as Angela and Tina held a pink dress for me to step into.

    "Oh please, don't do this to me." I continued to protest while I submissively slipped my arms throuth the holes for the dress' little rose, puff sleeves trimmed with a dainty white lace ruffle. As they buttoned up the back I could see to my shame that the pink, nylon, dress had a high, ruffled, white, lace collar, short, rose-puff sleeves trimmed with ruffled white lace, a smooth bust-line that revealed a hint of my lacy under things to my flat bodice and waistline while the full pink, nylon skirt floated over the bouffant slip with its stiff ruffled under petticoat. Over this dress went a sheer, white pinafore styled apron with ties that formed a lovely white bow in the back.