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Kathleen Kelly is a beautiful, glamorous Hollywood leading lady. The one thing that could derail her career would be if the public were to find out that she was born a boy. As one of her strategies, she has only hired young men on her staff and put them all into feminine clothing. That way they have as much to lose as she does if the secret comes out. And yet, this is the snake-pit known as Hollywood and nothing is guaranteed.

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    "Where did you get these (pictures)?" she asked shaken.

    "When one has money, my dear, one can buy about anything and everything," he responded " I was contacted by a photographer who had a very powerful telephoto lens. I was able to negotiate a reasonable price for all the pictures and their negatives."

    Some color had flown back into Kathleen's cheeks. "Just how much is it going to cost me to keep them out of public view?" she asked.

    Bill smiled on a way that made her skin begin to crawl. "I've given this a lot of thought," he said. "And I have many interests that no one even could guess about. How about a long weekend with just you, Susan, and I sound? Let's say from 4 PM on a Friday, to early Monday morning at 6 AM. During that time, you both will be at my beck and call, and will do everything I order you to do, with no questions asked. If all goes well, you'll get all the photos and the negatives."