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Leslie Avery Scarlett is surprised that he has been invited to attend the reading of a will from someone unknown to him.  As he listens, he learns that the dead woman was a dear friend of his grandmother's and, additionally, that she had heard or Leslie, but assumed him to be a girl. It gets really uncomfortable when he learns that if he is to inherit half the estate, he must graduate from an all girls university. What would you do?

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    "My dearest Leslie," Mr.Roberts began reading from the letter. "It must be a bit of a surprise to you finding yourself here at the reading of my will. Your grandmother died the year you were born, so it's entirely likely that you have never even heard my name. You were named after your grandmother, Leslie Dianne Avery, just as my granddaughter Olivia was named after me. Your grandmother and I met our first day at Havisham women's college and we became inseparable friends immediately. Those days at Havisham were so special to us both. Even after graduation, when Leslie went her way and I went mine, we remained in close contact. My biggest regret in life is that I haven't' kept contact with you following her death. by now you are a full grown woman, and I've missed an opportunity to see you grow in your grandmother's image."

    "Leslie, my fondest wish is to see that you and my Olivia meet, and that you two girls attend Havisham together just as your grandmothers did. To know that the names 'Olivia Mackenzie' and 'Leslie Avery' will be heard again throughout those halls, your laughter echoing ours from so many years ago, would make my life complete."

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    Funny Ending and a hilarious story

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    Two high school graduates learn that they are mentioned in a will, one is a boy and the other a girl. A huge inheritance is at stake, but they will have to room together at an all-girls college. Is the boy up to the challenge? Can he do this for even a year? Is the girl angry and mean enough to sabotage her roommate in disguise? What happens then? A great read as usual from Briana Vermont.