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Gambling can get out of hand, as Jim Wolfe is about to realize. While things are going good, he is attends a Halloween party where he met a woman who saw how almost pretty he is and offered him a job in Vegas. The job turns out to be as a female impersonator in Vegas club. Confused? Not half as badly as he is about to become.

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    Soaking in a perfumed bubble bath that night I found myself thinking about Yvonne and the way she had looked at me. Our eyes had met only briefly but there had been a bit of a spark there, a connection so to speak. I was a bit mystified. I put on my pink satin chemise and went to bed.

    I had just closed my eyes when I saw Yvonne in a black tuxedo. I was wearing a pink wide skirted floor length evening gown and pink stiletto heels. We began dancing around the ballroom while a large crowd watched. It was one of those dreams you never wanted to end, I woke up early but when I went back to sleep the dream did not return.