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Two New Woman Stories: In All Girl Band, Lisa realizes her brother has become involved in robbery and murder. There must be some way to change this hard-rock guitar player into someone useful. In The Last Leprechaun, find out what happens when two wives, fed up with their husbands' philandering, buy an ancient urn containing a magical sprite? The ladies decide to teach the husbands a lesson, but the imp inside has a warped sense of humor.

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    From All Girl Band:

    The car door opened and the flabbergasted beauty was helped to her high heeled feet. .

    Barbie remembered now. She would never be anything but what she was. A sexy little rock 'n' roll tramp with a body to die for. Her sister's revenge had been completed the day she awoke from that last injection to find herself trapped in the body of a teenage sex bomb! What's more, while she was unconscious, they had messed with her mind somehow, so that every time she was around a crowd of people, particularly men, she felt compelled to act like a horny little cock teaser.

    She minced over to the crowd of male groupies waiting behind the red barrier, her hands lifted up her tits for all to see, an involuntary smile spreading across her face.

    "Hi, guys! Do you like what you see?" she cooed in her little girl voice.