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Three short stories from Annie Warren: My Brother's Keeper, Of My Sister's Making, Incident at Delta Centi IV.

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    From My Sister's Keeper:

    Once she had me stripped, she reached down and picked up the pantygirdle that still lay on the floor near my scattered clothing and handed it to me, telling me to put it on. When I started to resist I was again slapped and decided, well, pain just wasn't my bag and besides, this thing was so soft, it couldn't hurt, could it? No!

    Even as I was pulling it on she dragged me, almost toppling me, over to her dresser which she opened just as I was getting my second leg into the girdle. As that thing slid up my legs, I felt the softness of the inner lining as well as the soft smoothness of the satin oun the outside. It went on smoothly and not all that tightly sinde she was actually a bit larger than I, but not all that much. As she held me with one hand, she rummaged in the drawer with the other while I ran my hands over my hips and stomach, feeling the softness of that cloth, the fit, and the curves that I suddenly had. The padding was quite sufficient and soft. I also seemed to have lost aht vestige of my own sex byt the fit at the crotch,.